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My name has become my brand...

Dajana Rodriguez is a Slovak brand which creates one-of-a-kind leather handbags, backpacks and accessories since 2011. All our products are made from premium materials, using both traditional and modern leatherworking methods. Some of our products are adorned with original embroideries, inspired by our cultural heritage, which we design ourselves. With everything we do, we strive to provide uniqueness in genuine Slovak products. Our headquarters are in the town of Partizánske, but thanks to our e-shop, our products travel all around the world.

Our story

It all started when I, Dajana Rodriguez, was freshly out of high school and found myself in need of a new handbag. Since I had access to my father's old workshop, where he used to make leather jackets back in the 1990s, my Mom and I decided to use it to make the handbag ourselves. It was a long, perilous process, but we did it and the first DR handbag was born! I got many compliments on it, along with handbag requests from my friends, which filled me with joy. As time went by, we started selling more handbags, coming up with new ideas and expanding our production, which motivated me to keep building our brand during my university studies. We designed new models, purchased materials and machines from around the world, hired new employees and watched the company grow. By the time I finished university, we built Dajana Rodriguez into the company it is now.

With the help of my family members, associates and employees, we are now a stable company with a worldwide net of customers, and I feel honored to be able to continue in our family tradition of leather-working. All of our designs are originals and each new model is crafted with maximum care and attention. I draw my inspiration from everyday life, the history of art, Slovak traditions, and you - my friends and customers. Even though I am young, my goal is to create products that people across all ages can enjoy.

Every product we make passes through the hands of all of us. In a world saturated with fakes and fast fashion, we offer a safe haven of quality and genuine European production, where all things are made with the care of human hands and the precision of traditional crafting tools.

We grow every day, not just as a company, but as people. We partake in fashion weeks, fashion shows and conferences. Thanks to our amazing customers, I am free to follow my dreams and do what I love most. Many of my customers have become my friends, for which I am eternally grateful for. Our business is not just about handbags; it is about people - women who want to feel special, and men who wish to endow their loved ones with something unique. That is why this brand will never be just a brand; it will always be led by real people with a love for our craft, personal approach, and the desire to make great things for all of you.

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