Give a heart to Ukraine: How did we already help?

Together with you, we have collected almost € 69,000 so far. What were the first 10,000 by Give a Heart to Ukraine project used for?

Our goal is to donate the amount of money we put together as precisely as possible. We want you and us to know where they end up. That is why we sent the first € 5,000 from a transparent account directly to the east village of Slovakia named Sobrance. The director of the Secondary Vocational School Ing. Michal Gič together with his daughter Ing. Tatiana Štelmáková and the other warm-hearted Slovaks help Ukrainians who have run away from their country and have nowhere to go so far.

The town of Sobrance had a stand on the border, where together with the civic association Villa Szobránc they provided primary food for mothers with children. They provided them with accommodation in a local gym and a new hostel, which, however, is not adapted for a longer stay. They used the money to buy equipment, such as appliances, kitchen utensils and, in particular, to buy food. The school where Mrs. Štelmáková works has provided lunches, but for other foods that are spent in the hundreds every day - pastries, soups, tea ... they have no other sponsors.

They also use the funds to buy small but much-needed practical items, such as shower slippers and other toiletries.

Unfortunately, even the most vulnerable feel the effects of the conflict in Ukraine. They want to help children from Ukraine to integrate into everyday life as soon as possible by purchasing briefcases and teaching aids.

Another € 5,000 we sent for a charity challenge #Who will help Ukraine, which runs on the fundraising platform It was initiated together with almost forty Slovak non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The money will help people living in Ukraine or coming from Ukraine to the territory of the Slovak Republic. Some of them will be redistributed through a grant call in cooperation with the Pontis Foundation.

They are about to donate the first million. To find out more, specific information can be found on their blog here.

Thanks to the money from your shopping, they will be able to provide them with health care, material assistance and social, psychological and legal counseling and ensure access to education, housing, work and other human needs.

Only together can we do great things. Thank you for helping with us.

Zverejnené: 30.03.2022

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