Handbag with ambition

Every woman is strong and inspiring in her own way. That is why Dajana has not forgotten those who fulfill their ambitions at work. In this case, the handbags were created with the idea of giving each of their wearers self-confidence and determination, but at the same time providing enough space and practical use for everything that a working day requires.

Klementínka is one of the most popular models in our portfolio. Its elegant lines are perfectly suited for women with different styles and preferences. Its usability and timelessness is why our customers adore it. We also like the fact that it can be used for any opportunity you need it for. As it is available in three sizes, everyone will choose the most suitable one for themselves. If you carry a lot of documents or a computer with you every day, the best choice will be the largest model of the Klementinka I. If you are not limited in size, it is only in your eyes. In addition, you can choose more neutral variants in basic colors such as black, gray or brown, but also colored pieces such as royal blue, trendy mandarin or juicy fuchsia, which are a perfect addition to business outfits, while still maintaining their elegant appearance. And for those of you who are looking for a classic handbag, but like unique details, there is Klementínka from the Princessa collection, which is ingeniously complemented by embroidered ornaments inspired by Slovak castles and chateaux.

blogKLEMENTINKA Bohemian Lion + strap 10.jpg

Dajana's tip: with models such as Vivienne, Izabella and Klemenitnka I like to play with the shoulder straps experimenting with colors, embroideries and patterns. With a simple change you can create a whole new handbag. Within the bohemian collection you can adorn your handbag with a variety of straps in 3 different widths with either emrboideries or metallic ribbons.

Vivienne has an oldschool "briefcase" look that encorporates modern lines. It looks minimalistic but at the same time is very proffesional. It simply belongs iin the hands of ambitious women.It was designed to be able to tell a woman in every situation that she simply has style in her blood, whether she is at an important business meeting or a family visit. It is a model that will not shown signs of wear even after many years of wearing it and you will not mind at all if you have several color versions in your wardrobe, because each is different and unique. Neutral models will be a great companion for many years, regardless of trends, and colorful or embroidered are great for days when your outfit needs to be decorated.

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The combination of love for Slovakia, design and fashion has found its place in the design of the handbag Izabella. The pure silhouette of this "briefcase" is complemented by rich embroidery inspired by Slovak folklore, which completely changes its overall appearance. It makes it a luxurious and distinctive piece that is immediately distinguishable and memorable. Izabella from the Royal collection underwent a design innovation on the occasion of the brand's 7th anniversary celebrations and differs slightly from the original version in the shape of the lapel. It is complemented by lavish gold embroidery, thanks to which it acquires the status of jewelry. In this way, every wearer will be literally unmissable, whether at work or in her free time.