INSPIRATION: One outfit, three bags

All of my previous articles focused on one handbag paired with one outfit. This time I decided to make a change and show you how to style various handbags with the same apparel and present different ways of combining clothes and bags depending on your current needs. The times are changing and fashion has become a lot more varied. My customers tend to think that only black and brown purses are wearable every day, all year long. While it might seem difficult to pair a bolder, colorful or embroidered handbag with daily outfits, such bags are no longer destined to be just for special occasions. Just like backpacks are no longer mere sporty pieces for outdoor trips. They are universal bags for any regular day, great for school, work, shopping, or strolls. When it comes to the three bags I picked for this article, they were all different in their size, style and use, yet still wearable with daily outfits.

„Whether you need a small purse, satchel or backpack, you can wear all of them with the same blouse and pair of jeans“

This outfit was not meant for a photoshoot. It was my regular outfit that I wore to work that day. It was about 20°C outside, but since I work in an old building with thick walls, I opted for a long-sleeve top, though from a thin material. The blouse was in a peppermint blue shade with a lace detail on the front side. I paired it with my favorite pair of high-waist jeans in light blue, and with white heels. You might wonder why I wear heels to work, but I only do so when I have an important meeting, or wake up feeling fancy :). The only accessories I had were delicate earrings, a set of rings, and a watch. Nothing extra. These three handbags were sewn on that day, so I asked my boyfriend to take a few pictures of me with them before I dispatched them. The whole photoshoot took about 15 minutes. As you may see, it was truly spontaneous, with the sole purpose of showing something unstaged and natural. I wanted to prove that these handbags were very versatile, in spite of being unique.

The first bag I tried was a larger satchel, Becky II. It is an amazing bag for work, school or traveling, as it can accommodate books and documents in the A4 format. It can be carried in one hand or on the shoulder and since it retains its shape, nothing will crumple inside

My second choice was a backpack Miriam . Backpacks are going through a renaissance and are currently very sought after. In the past they were mainly worn outdoors or to school and carrying them instead of a handbag was rather odd. But the times, and especially their design, have changed. Nowadays you can find not only sporty, but also elegant ones. So if you want to feel more practical, free, or simply need some change for a couple days, I recommend trying a backpack. You will love wearing it to work, school, travels or shopping sprees.

The last piece I tried was Mia - a small handbag that comfortably accommodates one’s basic necessities: a wallet, phone, keys, and cosmetic essentials. It is a classic purse for every day, but it makes for a great party bag as well. It comes in handy especially when you do not need to carry a whole lot of stuff with you.

As you can see, all three handbags are completely different in their size, design, style and use, but even in spite of that, you could wear them all with the same, simple outfit.

My tips:

  • Do not fear to wear unique handbags, whether embroidered or in a metallic or other unusual color
  • Try swapping your handbag for a casually-elegant backpack, either to work or in your free time
  • I recommend trying on high-waist jeans. They might surprise you by optically slimming and lengthening your figure. I also love them for their retro vibe
  • Combine pastel colors
Posted in My style, Handbags, English on Jun 01, 2016