Meet: Adriana

I have decided to begin writing a series of articles where I will introduce our different models in greater detail. I will discuss their basic features, but of course reveal some interesting details as well. I would like to bring into picture individual models of handbags and provide you with more information, some of which will be from behind the scenes. Our brand DR is built on individual approach - it is not a just a company that creates products in masses. By buying our products, you are supporting a personal approach, Slovakian quality, and are buying something that has its own story and that has passed through the hands of people who love doing what they do; every handbag becomes a part of them.

The first handbag I would like to introduce is ADRIANA. It is a newer design that was created in the past year. We wanted to create something elegant, modern, and interesting. As soon as it became available, it started to sell and remains our best-selling handbag until today.


It is a handbag for every age range, worthy of wearing everyday and to any occasion. It has come out in several colors, combinations of colors and with varying embroideries. It has a lot of room for storage, accommodates an A4 size and has adjustable handles which allow the owner to regulatethem according to her preference. I personally needed a handbag with this type of practicality, so I madean embroidered one for myself and wore it to school every day for all of winter and spring. I have a lot of customers who have several of them in different colors, and who remain loyal to this model. It is truly a practical handbag, but also a remarkable one. It can be worn every day and goes well with virtually anything throughout the whole year.

Posted in Handbags, English on Aug 22, 2016