Meet: Nina

The second handbag I would like to introduce to you is one of your newest and currently highly demanded models – NINA.

At first sight, you will notice that its shape is quite out of the ordinary. It resembles a ‘bucket’, what makes it stand out from the crowd of most classic handbags. This uncommon shape makes Nina a youthful and fresh accessory that goes well with almost any outfit. It is available in many color variations, but its design always remains simple, yet unordinary.

Nina Glitter-vert.jpg

This bag is a novelty not only for its unusual shape, but also for its metal components, which we have not used for any handbag before. Its closing is also atypical; Nina does not have a zipper, but a magnet and a drawstring instead.The color of the drawstring always matches the handles. One of the handles is short, suitable for hand-held or shoulder carrying, and the other one is a long adjustable crossbody strap for women who prefer to carry their bags in a more comfy, casual manner. The crossbody strap is detachable, what makes Nina a truly versatile piece, adaptable to the needs of its owner. Unsurprisingly, Nina has already gained a large fan base of women who like practical everyday handbags, which are also easy to pair with a number of outfits. It is a true designer piece that appeals not only to younger women, but to all ladies who want to be stylish and chic.

Posted in Handbags, English on Oct 13, 2016