Two variations in one summer day

Since summer is in full swing, I started wearing more skirts & dresses, as well as combining various different colors - even warmer ones, which are less typical for me. I alternate between sandals, flip-flops and heels depending on my mood and occasion, but generally wear heel-less shoes with long skirts and high heels with shorter ones. Since my legs are not ideal (they are sturdy and X-shaped haha), I wear heels to make them optically slimmer and longer. That is my useful tip that works for all shapes, sizes and figures. When it comes to hair, I wear many styles – wavy, straight, loose, braided, with side parting, middle parting, etc. I try to look feminine, graceful and elegant, as I believe women should be feminine even when they are wearing sneakers and sweatpants. I maintain my style and reflect who I am in it.

“Whatever the occasion is, your outfit should represent you.”

Today I wore an antique pink wrap dress with an abstract print that I bought in the US last year. The hem is asymmetric, so its length varies, but it is mostly knee-length. It is very airy and lightweight, what makes it perfect for summer, and most importantly, it can be paired with a large variety of handbags and shoes. Since the dress already has a colorful print, I picked simpler, one-colored purses to match it. This outfit did not call for any more colors than it already had, so a good color choice for the handbag was a shade that appeared on the dress, or other universal color that goes well with everything, like white, black, or grey. The first handbag I chose was Klementinka – a larger bag great for daily wear. It is made from gorgeous wine-red leather and has a simple embroidery on the front. It’s a classic elegant bag suitable for almost any occasion, and this color makes it look very feminine. The embroidery is subtle; it does not draw too much attention but still gives the bag a more appealing look. Since the dress I wore was mainly antique pink, this color complemented it perfectly.

The second purse was Brianna in a metallic grey shade, which is the most universal piece in my offer. This style of bag is extremely popular worldwide for its simplicity and versatility. It has a short detachable strap allowing it to be worn as a wristlet or clutch to special occasions, but it can also be used as a wallet, ID pouch, or extra compartment for your larger handbags. It is an all-in-one piece that provides everything a woman needs. I can tell you from experience that Brianna has already saved me multiple times when I did not know what to wear to an evening party, or wanted to securely store my money and documents. The best part is that it will surely match all of your outfits, because it is made from a universal, yet unique metallic grey color.

My tips:

  • Do not avoid wearing dresses or skirts in the summer. If you pick the right type for your figure, it will help you hide any flaws you might have, make you look more feminine, and help you cope with the heat.

  • Nails are just as important as any other part of your outfit. I am not saying they have to be extra-long or have a fancy nail polish to look beautiful, but they should be representative, groomed and healthy. My nails are not fake – I take good care of my natural ones, grow them, and get various motifs hand-painted on them. I truly love wearing my nails like this and ever since I started taking better care of them, people really started noticing them.

  • Even when it gets very hot, try to avoid showing too much skin. I personally don’t wear miniskirts or plunging necklines, because I don’t feel comfortable in them. Show what is beautiful about you, but do so in a sophisticated, not a showy manner.
Posted in My style, Handbags, English on Jul 25, 2016