Wedding day

Weddings, balls and proms all call for the perfect outfit. I love getting ready for such events and take them very responsibly, so to provide a bit of inspiration, I decided to show you one romantic outfit I recently wore to a wedding. I picked an antique pink lace dress with matching heels, a wavy updo and a simple black clutch. I felt truly fantastic!

“Coco Chanel once said that every woman should have one ‘little black dress’. I fully agree and add that every woman should also have one ‘little black purse’.”

Black should undoubtedly form the basis of everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you are a big fan of it or less so, it always pays off to own some black pieces. I personally love the color and use it in a lot of different combinations. This particular handbag is one of my most favorite pieces. I wear it on regular days, to parties, to balls… I even wore it to a football match once! A little black purse simply goes well with everything. It looks equally good with a black biker jacket as with a formal lace dress; it’s the ultimate handbag for all occasions. This particular model is made from black varnished leather what gives it extra flair and class. Moreover, it offers multiple ways of carrying and styling. It comes with a long silver chain that can be detached, swapped for a golden one, or simply kept detached, thus turning the bag into a clutch.

Here is one more picture with my beloved :) The wedding turned out perfect!

My tips:

  • a little black purse goes well with ball or cocktail dresses in any color
    • you can never go wrong with a handbag with a detachable chain. It allows you to switch between silver and gold and match it with your other accessories
    • avoid wearing statement jewelry with lace dresses and make the natural beauty of the dress stand out instead
Posted in Others, My style, English on Mar 04, 2016