PRINCESSA Collection 2018/2019

To me, Slovakia has always been a land of princesses, castles and fairytales. The little girl who believed in the beauty of these things is still a part of me, and I know it is the same for many of you ?. Even though our lives are often rushed and stressful, we carry the fairytale feeling inside us. This feeling is what I wanted to appeal to with the Princessa collection.


Regardless of whether I am wearing a glam outfit or jeans and a hoode, I want to feel exceptional. That is why I designed a collection that would be practical and suitable for daily wear, but carry a sense of sublimity and "princessness" which we have all adored since childhood. The collection does not bear the typical princess pink color, but comes in a palette that real women will appreciate for its elegance and universality. All Princessa products are brown and black, embroidered with gold and silver threads and easily pairable with any outfit.


We photographed this collection in collaboration with You - real women, amazing Moms, teachers, doctors. The stars of this photo-shoot were 3 of our beautiful customers, chosen out of the 300 that took part in our Facebook and Instagram contest. It was the best decision I could have made, because the day of the shoot was exceptional and beautiful for everyone involved, and especially for me as the designer of the collection. The ladies enjoyed themselves immensely and I am sure their energy transferred into the photographs as well.


DSC_5346 - kópia.jpg

I believe many of you will find a piece of themselves in the Princessa collection and I hope it will make you feel strong, modern and exceptional every day - just like real princesses should feel ❤.