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Having your initials embroidered on a handbag is the highest degree of personalization you can attain. It turns the bag from a regular daily item to a greatly personal and original one. 

We embroider the initials on the inside of the bag, ideally on the inner slip pocket, but other placements are also possible. The size of the initials will be adjusted to the size and type of the handbag. We use a well-legible, slightly decorative font, but are open to suggestions or special requests. If you have a specific color requirement, please state it in the order note; otherwise, the color used for the embroidery of your initials will match the bag's stitching. All special requests must be consulted via phone or e-mail prior to ordering. 

20 €

Please choose your handbag hardware.

Vivienne is a medium-sized, impressively elegant handbag, suitable for business or leisure.

V tejto verzii ide o model z kolekcie Bohemian, čo znamená, že sa vyníma krásnou farbou a možnosťou kabelku obmieňať pomocou zaujímavých, farebných popruhov z našej ponuky.

Uzatváranie: Zámok + zips

Uchytenie: Popruh dĺžkovo regulovateľný a odopínateľný

Vnútorné vybavenie: Vrecko na zips a voľné vrecko

  • Colors:Red
  • Type: Classic
  • Materials: Real leather
  • Hardware: Gold, Silver
  • Lining: Black
  • Model: Vivienne
  • Dimensions: 27x22x13 cm
  • Collection: BOHEMIAN
  • Style: CLASSIC

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