Embroidering a name on a handbag represents the highest degree of customization. It turns each bag from a regular accessory to an original, personalized item, which is clearly labeled as the property of its owner.

We embroider names only on the inside of a handbag, preferably onto the inner leather pouch. Upon agreement, the name can be embroidered on a different part of the bag, if the given model allows it. The size of the embroidery is adjusted accordingly to the size of the item and name length. We standardly use a simple decorative font, but a different one can be used upon previous agreement.

Please, list your name and the desired color of the embroidery in the order note when ordering. If you choose not to specify the color, the name will be embroidered using the same thread as is used for the handbag’s stitching.

Before ordering this adjustment, please consult us via message or e-mail, to make sure that it is applicable to the item of your choice. The standard price for an embroidered name is 20€, but it may be adjusted after the consultation.

All prices include VAT.

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PRICE: 20€

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