"The shining jewel of a woman's outfit is her handbag…"
Slovak handmade elegant handbags with a historical and traditional story will find a place in every woman's wardrobe. With Dajana Rodriguez, you get a unique handbag for everyday but also special days.


Inspired by all the determined ladies, she built a family brand - the company Dajana Rodriguez. Behind each collection of leather handbags are weeks of designing the perfect design and new types of handbags. Each must be different - unique.


Thanks to honest Slovak production, top quality and a timeless look you will be Dajana's handbag to accompany decades. Dajana's handbag to accompany decades. Hand-made handbags in the sign of sustainability come with the most unique pieces, which always attract the attention of your surroundings and do not get lost even in a flood of constantly changing trends.


Each collection comes with a new idea and every model with a unique (embroidered) motif. Dajana starts designing handbags the moment she draws enough inspiration from her daily life. The impetus is often historical ornaments and shapes, which are reflected in today's fashion.


Dajana Rodriguez

The vision of Dajana, the founder and designer, materialized in 2014 during her studies at high school. She began to turn her hobby in art history and Slovak traditions into designing her first handbags.