4 Advent surprises from our manufacture

The pre-Christmas time is accompanied by a pleasant feeling of waiting for something beautiful... Treat yourself to a piece of magical atmosphere with us now. Every Advent Sunday, we unwrap a special gift for you.

For the festive season, Dajana has prepared 4 exceptional surprises for you this year as well. She added one new model to each of your four favorite collections, creating unique novelties with which we want to make Advent Sundays more enjoyable. Until Christmas, each of them will be produced in a limited number of 30 pieces so that they can shine as a special gift under the Christmas tree.

This year you can find something special under the tree.

Khloe The Heart of Europe

The first Sunday of Advent belonged to this decorated beauty. One of our winter novelties - Khloe brings a combination of folk Slovak embroidery and the currently most popular world trend of mini handbags. The unique piece of jewelry pays respect to Slovak traditions and our beautiful culture. This Christmas, show who your heart really belongs to.

The collection, which is the sweetheart of Slovak women, was enriched by this beauty.

Together with Khloe, give a cardholder from the popular Heart of Europe collection.

Elizabeth Aurora Dive

You really liked the embroidery of the Aurora collection. Because we love surprises, we transferred the playful motif to one of our most elegant models - ElizabethEven an outfit for a normal day to work with it can be a unique piece of jewelry. Show that you are a creative soul who looks for art in every little thing. A stylish point is added by the holder, which perfectly matches the embroidery.

Elegant Elizabeth will stand out under every Christmas tree.

Show that you are not an ice queen - diversify your tone-on-tone outfit with original bird embroidery.

Karin Artemis

Karin comes with the third Advent candle - for all modern women who like urban style, but are inspired by their love for nature. One of the most popular models ever lets the natural motifs of the Artemis collection stand out in their full beauty. The luxurious and at the same time playful collection brought an original combination of natural and historical motifs with modern elements. An artistic gem as if from a royal winter garden - this is Karin inspired by a Greek goddess.

Dajana with the third Advent handbag for 2022.

Gift tip: Add one of the embroidered straps from the collection to Karin and treat your loved one to a truly unique fashion accessory.

Expect a surprise: This Sunday, December 18, we will unveil the last of our Advent handbags for you. If you can't wait any longer, check out the clues in our Advent Calendar.

Zverejnen├ę: 11.12.2022

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