Returning to nature! The season's hottest color is natural tones.

Autumn sees nature dress itself in the most exquisite hues. Bring the atmosphere of it into your closet. Make a fashionable outfit with shades that are a perfect match.

Chilly earth

The dominant colors of the autumn wardrobe are gray and brown. Due to their good combinability, earthy tones are becoming more and more popular, and the arrival of cooler weather has us reaching for them even more. You won't go out of style if you pair them with pastels. Instead, it appears incredibly feminine.

Pink and cream aren't just for the spring; they'll also liven up a neutral-colored outfit for the fall.

If you choose to go without jewelry and opt for a hat and a handbag with elaborate embroideries, even a formal business outfit like a white shirt and jacket can look bohemian.

The Artemis collection's colorful embroidery lends support to playful combinations. Natural patterns on a grayish-brown background provide a plethora of options for unique outfits.

Advice: The Bohemian collection, which also offers traditional earth tones like grey Gull or traditional brown Lion for autumn, is a great place to start if you prefer monochromatic handbags. Additionally, unusual hues like burgundy Cardinal and dark brown Auburn are also popular with customers.

Beautiful foliage 

In the cold months, we turn to rich pine, just as nature strips trees and shrubs of their lush green and lets the conifers shine through. Thankfully, stores today offer a wide variety of items in the trendy shade, including jackets, turtlenecks, dresses, and boots.

The Artemis collection's handbags go fantastically with cosy fabrics like velvet or tweed, which are huge this fall 2022.

Tip: To add the perfect finishing touch to a bare outfit, opt for a handbag with delicate green embroidery.

Glacial Lake 

If you love colour and you're not going to give it up for autumn, the Aurora collection in an unusual dive shade is for you. Fur coats and jackets complement it beautifully.

Tip: As the weather turns colder, we tend to wear traditional black more frequently. Visit the Aurora collection for the timeless black and red color palette. Prove to everyone that wearing something for fall doesn't have to be dull!

Zverejnené: 11.10.2022

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