Kristýna "RED" DR & Týnuš Třešničková
Kristýna "RED" DR & Týnuš Třešničková
Kristýna "RED" DR & Týnuš Třešničková
Collection DR & Týnuš Třešničková

Kristýna "RED" DR & Týnuš Třešničková

215 €


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The Kristýna model is a medium-sized handbag for casual carrying, which is very variable, as thanks to the free chain you can carry it crossbody, over one shoulder and in your hand in several ways.

We present you the first Slovakia-Czech collection from the workshop of Dajan Rodriguez in cooperation with Týnuš Třešničková. We are a Slovak brand producing leather accessories and Týnuš is a Czech youtuber who loves fashion! We were united by life stories and this beautiful cooperation came from friendship!

This collection is for all women who love quality, elegance and originality.

Kristýna's handbag will be the jewel of your outfit. The flap of the handbag is embroidered with the logo of the DR brand, which is supplemented by the letter T, which means the second designer of the collection - Týnuš Třešničková. The handbag is complemented by a distinctive decoration with a playful sex saw. The dominant feature of the handbag is an interesting holder, with which it is possible to carry the handbag in the hand or on the forearm. The chain is used for carrying on the shoulder, which can also be used when carrying a crossbody.

The surface of the handbag is smooth with a natural leather texture.

  • Closing: Lock
  • Interior equipment: Pocket
  • Grip: Chain approx. 110 cm long
  • Main color: Red
  • Colors: Red
  • Size: Stredná
  • Style: Unembroidered
  • Materials: Real leather
  • Hardware: Gold, Silver
  • Lining color : Black
  • Model: Kristýna
  • Weight: 0.66kg
  • Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 8 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Collection: DR & Týnuš Třešničková
  • Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
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