Collection Primavera

PRIMAVERA comes not only with an original ornamental motif, but also with a message for all women: "Allow yourself to be different - dazzling, shine wherever you move!" The inspiration is tapestries from the 17th century. The collection is based on the history she transmits to today's woman. The handbag becomes an jewel of the outfit, the backpack does not have to be just sports and everything can be freely combined. Modern and noble at the same time. Just like you! You will stand out in the crowd as well as in a casual t-shirt and denim pants.

Rene 2v1 Vera "LAMB"

235 € in production

Klementinka Medium Vera "LAMB"

240 € in production

Janett Vera "LAMB"

265 € in production

Lima Prima "LAMB"

365 € in production

Mia Vera "LAMB"

220 € in production

Rami Vera "LAMB"

275 € in production

Elizabeth Prima "LAMB"

420 € in production

Kristyna Vera "LAMB"

235 € in production


70 € in stock


70 € in stock

Lima Vera "LAMB"

260 € in production

Cardholder Prima "LAMB"

65 € in production
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