Collection RIO

Bright colors transformed the black Orion collection into a juicy spring sorbet. Rio comes in shades as varied as the woman herself - gentle, playful, wild, energetic... unrestrained! Fall in love with new color combinations and let it awaken your love for life and yourself. It will be a carnival!

Aria Rio "DARK PURPLE" wallet

130 $ in stock


45 $ in stock

Scarf Rio "ORANGE"

70 $ in stock

Ariana Rio "PALE PURPLE" wallet

165 $ in stock

Headband Harper Rio "ORANGE

65 $ in stock

Webbing strap Rio "ORANGE"

80 $ in stock · The last pieces

Viktoria Rio "CREAMY"

325 $ in stock

Nicole Rio "PALE PURPLE"

355 $ in production

Rene 2in1 Rio "BLADEPURPLE"

315 $ in production

Khloe Rio "ORANGE"

255 $ in production


400 $ in production

Pendant Heart Rio "DARK PURPLE"

40 $ in production
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