Terms & Conditions

The customer by sending out the order confirms that he/she become familiar with these terms and conditions and will be governed by them.


Goods purchased in the store www.dajanarodriguez.com are shipped to the whole world, after receiving payment on account or cash on delivery. We deliver via Slovak Post. Since we do not conduct trade through stone shop, personal collection of goods is not possible. We deliver properly packed goods and as a sender there will be listed company Bratislava Development Company Ltd. There are Postage & Packing charges added to your ordered goods in amount pertaining to the cost of delivery to the customer when paying by cash on delivery. When you complete your order you will receive an invoice - tax document. Goods that we have in stock we despatch within 24 hours. Goods which are not in stock in time of receiving and processing of an order we despatch in 5 working days, depending on amount of pending orders. Most of goods are available in 3 days after your order, occasionally it happens that the number of orders exceeds our production potential, in which case it may happen The customer can track the status of his/her order online 24 hours a day via address: http://tandt.posta.sk/en that the goods will be shipped within 7 days.


All prices are final - stated including VAT! We are taxpayers.

Payment for items can be made through transfer, in justified cases, for delivering within Slovak Republic also by cash on delivery. Information about account number, as well as constant and variable symbol will be displayed after placing an order, which must be used when paying and also you will receive it by email. Payment can be carried out In the choice of delivery cash on delivery , you pay for the goods upon receipt of the goods. Payment method cash on delivery is possible only with shipping addres in Slovak Republic. Only payment in advance is possible for all by following payment terminals: goods.


Placed orders are processed and subsequently verified by email or telephone. Please always state up to date and correct contact information. Otherwise, there is a possiblity of not being able to varify receiving of your order. Correct email address and telephone number will allow us to contact you with any irregularities, or in case that we will have some unclarity in handling your order for your maximum satisfaction. If you will not receive within 10 minutes from placing an order confirming email from us about order confirmation please check whether email was not marked as a spam and therefore moved to spam folder. If within 10 minutes from setting, there will be no email delivered to you your email address which you have specified, please contact us by email info@dajanarodriguez.com or by Confirmed order is considered binding for both parties if there is no breach of the conditions agreed at the time of confirmation. The condition is deemed to include the contents of the order, price of goods, method and time of email ............................ dispatch of goods.


You can cancel your order by sending an email to info@dajanarodrigeuz.com or by responding to a confirmation email from us (please specify text "Canceling order" . Do not forget to mention your order number, which you are about to cancel. Also we would appreciate if you provide us with the reason of cancelation of your order. Also thanks to you we manage to improve our services. After the order confirmation you can cancel the order only if the seller fails to meet the agreed terms of delivery. In case of cancellation of confirmed orders by customer, the seller is entitled to claim for damages caused by this action. This is especially the case when it was necessary to purvey the goods for the customer upon his/ her wish. Cancellation fee of 50% of the total good´s price can be charged. Seller reserves the right to cancel order if there was no confirmation about receiving the payment within 14 days of As unreasonable cancellation is automatically considered such orders which Delivery Service Company returned to the seller with the fact that customer did not take delivery of parcel within storage duration, refused tu accept the parcel, the parcel could not be delivered for other reasons, for example: unmarked door bell, etc. In this case, the customer will be charged by cancellation fee of 50% of the goods order, but at least [......] €. compensation its effect.


In accordance with the Act. 102/2014 Z.z. on Consumer Protection in selling goods or services under the distance selling contract or contracts concluded out of business premises of seller and on changes and amendments of certain laws the customer has the right to witdrawal from the contract within 14 days from the moment you or a third party designated by you, with the exception of delivery company take over goods. Customer is entitled to If you decide to withdraw within this period, please comply with the specific conditions set out below: To exercise the right of withdrawal please inform us about your decision by unequivocal statement by email or by phonecall requiring withdrawal from the contract, state the order number, as well as date on which your order have If you are interested, you can fill out and submit the sample form of withdrawal from the contract through our website [...]. If you use this option, acceptance of withdrawal from the contract will be confirmed without delay on a The period of withdrawal is well preserved, if sent notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry date right of withdrawal from the contract within the specified period without giving a reason. been delivered. durable medium (e-mail). of the withdrawal from the contract In the case that you wish to return the money - please write to us your bank account number. If you wish to exchange it for other goods from our offer, make sure to indicate in what goods you are interested in. We would appreciate if you write to us a reason for the withdrawal from the contract, also thanks to you we manage to continuously improve our service Goods must be in original, undamaged packaging and can not be used or damaged. The goods must be complete, including accessories, warranty card, instructions, etc. Together with the goods please send a copy of proof of purchase (invoice) to us. Product should be well packed, be able to resell, the goods which will arrive damaged, we will not accept. After the withdrawal from the contract, in case you do not choose any of the methods listed above, we will refund all the payments that you made in connection with the conclusion of the contract, in particular the purchase price including the cost of delivering the goods to you. It does not cover any additional costs if you choose another type of delivery, than the least expensive conventional method of service that we offer. Payment will be refunded without delay and no later than 14 days after the date when we will sent your notice of withdrawal from the contract. Reimbursement will be made by the same way you used in your payment, unless you have expressly agreed to other means of payment, and without charging any additional charges.If you choose another type of delivery, as the current cheapest method of service that we offer, we will be reimbursed only for the costs of delivery method. The costs of returning goods is paid by you. For the purpose of withdrawal from the contract You can use the sample form of withdrawal from the contract , Please send goods by registered post and insured, because we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. Please do After fulfilling all above conditions for return of the goods the cost of the goods, cost of the shipping will be sent to you within 7 working days after receipt of the returned goods back to our address or by sending a document showing the proove that goods have been sent back to us. In case of failure to comply of any of the above conditions, we unfortunately can not accept withdrawal from the contract and the goods will be returned back at the expense of which is available [......]. not send goods by cash on delivery as it will not be accepted. the sender.


Any return goods request must be claimed by email on [......]. Each complaint has an idividual approach and we are doing our best for maximum customer accommodating. Returned goods are governed by the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic. The warranty period for all goods sold in accordance with applicable legislation is 24 months. The purchaser is obliged to check over the goods immediately after its delivery. Liability for damage during transport carries delivery service company. Returns of mechanical damage of goods that were not apparent in receipt of the shipment, must be applied immediately after its detection, ie. immediately after the first use of the product. The warranty does not cover common wear of things (or its parts ) caused by use. Shorter product durability can not therefore be considered as a fault and product can not be claimed .In cases of exchange of the goods for a different size purchaser shall pay only the service charges, so the customer will pay the costs of returning goods to the seller and also to the seller shall pay costs of sending the goods to the purcheser. Please send returned goods to our address by registered post and insured because we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. Please do not send goods by cash on delivery as it will not be accepted.


We value your privacy. However, so that we can offer a valuable service, we need to know some of your personal information. These data are failed to provide to any third party except for the shipping company for delivery of the goods (Slovak Post) or national authorities for inspection.If the customer expresses its consent to receive marketing information, personal data will be in the range e-mail address and details of the purchased goods within the order provided to a third party ([......]) for the purpose of improvement of services of the seller based on reviews of his/hers customers .

By using our online store purchaser acknowledges that seller shall obtain and process personal data of the purchaser and use of his/her personal information and his/her purchases in order to fulfill the seller's obligations in the Purchaser acknowledges that the provision of personal data is necessary for the fultillment of the seller's obligations arising from the contractual relationship with the purchaser. Purchaser by sending the order with the statement of voluntary informed consent , with seller submission of reports on activities, offers and promotions of the seller, If you do not wish to continue receiving this information, you can at any time terminate sending of this information. Information about news sending max. [1 times per month]. The purchaser gives the seller the agreement for an indefinite period. Consent to the processing of personal data by the purchaser can withdraw at any time in writing. The consent shall expire within one month from receipt of the appeal consent of the purchaser to the seller. The purchaser was informed of his rights in accordance with § 28 of the Law on the protection of personal data. framework of pre-contractual and contractual relations, aiming to equipping his order. agrees to that seller shall send such messages without prior request of the purchaser.

Purchser acknowledges that seller will process and store this/her personal data in the scope name, surname, address (street and number, postal code, city), telephone contact and e-mail in their information systems. Seller agrees that the personal data of purchaser shall handle and treate in accordance with applicable laws of Slovak Republic and those kept for the period required to meet defined purpose of the processing of personal data and purpose set out by law. Terms and conditions in this wording enter into force [......].

Terms and conditions in this wording enter into force [......].


(complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

  • - Hereby I inform / We * that I withdraw / We * from the contract to the following goods *: ..............
  • - Name and surname of the consumer / consumers*..............
  • - To .............. [complete information of the company]
  • - Date of ordering / Date of receiving * ..............
  • - Address of consumer / consumers*..............
  • - Signature of the consumer / consumers* (only if this form is submitted in paper form) ..............

Alternatively, you can add another column to give a reason of the withdrawal from the contract for you as a feedback of what was wrong, and so on.

* Delete as appropriate.