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The story of my handbags


It all starts with a vision, just an idea. I then transfer the idea on to paper where I begin to think about speific details and finalize the design. While drawing I am thinking about the sewing patterns and process. This is why I draw every side of the handbag. When I am satisfied with the design I move on to fine tuning the colors.


The cutting process

During this phase I pick the appropriate leather, lining and details. I then cut out all the necessary pieces step by step. This is an important part of the creation process and every piece must be precisely cut out. The number of pieces varies for every handbag - it can range anywhere from 8-30 or more individual pieces.



If the given handbag has an embroidered design, then work with a computer and a specialized stitching machine ensues. I create the design of the embroidery in a computer program and then set up the stitching process on the machine. The stitching of the design on to the leather can take up to several hours for more complex pieces.



The final step in creating a handbag is the sewing process. First the lining is sewn in total and then gradually the whole handbag is sewn around it. This phase also includes attaching handles, straps and the metal components of the handbag.



The finished handbag receives its label, we place it into a specialized dust bag and lastly package it into a box with my logo. This is how the wrapped and ready handbag is shipped to its future owner.

How a handbag is created


Mariana Magyaricova

Krajsia ako na obrazku, koza makka a vonava, sitie kvalitne, spokojnost :)


Valéria Závadská

Kabelku som kúpila ako darček, lebo som chcela urobiť radosť osobe, na ktorej mi záleží. Môžem len potvrdiť, že sa jej veľmi veľmi páči. Precízna práca aj pekne zabalené. Konečne niekto na Slovensku robí úžasné kabelky... Určite sa k vám budem vracať, ak budem chcieť kúpiť kabelku pre seba alebo pre niekoho iného. Odporúčam každej žene, aby si Vás našla :)

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