Women's crossbody Bags

Women's crossbody Bags

Wearing a crossbody is comfortable, practical, and gives you a fresh casually-elegant look.

Rene 2v1 Vera "LAMB"

235 € in production

Klementinka Medium Vera "LAMB"

240 € in production

Lima Prima "LAMB"

365 € in production

Mia Vera "LAMB"

220 € in production

Rami Vera "LAMB"

275 € in production

Elizabeth Prima "LAMB"

420 € in production

Kristyna Vera "LAMB"

235 € in production

Lia Bohemian "NERO" Gold

180 € in production

Lima Artemis "GULL"

365 € in production in the store

Lia Bohemian "SAND" Silver

180 € in production

Elizabeth Artemis "GULL"

420 € in production in the store

Clementine Medium Bohemian "SAND" Silver

230 € in production
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