Frequently asked questions

1. Do you makecustom-made handbags?

No, we don’t. I have over 30 different models in my offer and keep adding new ones. These models can be slightly altered or modified to better suit your needs and style. However, creating a wholly new cut is very time-consuming; I have to design it, sew a prototype, test out how it holds and find any possible flaws, and just then create a sellable finished handbag. Sometimes it does not take not just one, but two or three prototypes before the finished version is created. Aside from being time-consuming, this process also requires a lot of material, so making custom-made handbags from scratch is too costly to pay off for just onebag.

2. What adjustments can you make to a handbag?

We can make small adjustments that do not interfere with the cut of the handbag, but customize it to your needs and taste. These adjustments include changing the length of the handles, the length of the strap, embroidering a monogram or name, adding protective studs to the bottom of the bag, or other non-invasive modifications that do not require the cut to be altered. Before ordering, we recommend you to write us an e-mail regarding the adjustments you want. All the modifications that we offer can be found in the „ADJUSTMENTS“ section.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The aforementioned adjustments personalize a handbag to the customer’s own style and preference. A personalized item cannot be returned and refunded, as it is not vendible to other customers.

3. How can I let you know which adjustment do I want for my handbag?

After adding your handbag of choice to the cart, pass on to the section “ADJUSTMENTS” ( ) and pick the modification you desire. If needed, specify the details (e.g. your monogram, handle length alteration etc.) in the order note. Adjustments that aren’t properly ordered and paid for will not be executed!

4. Čo znamená, že kabelka je vypredaná?

Ak vidíte toto označenie na produkte (najčastejšie kabelke),  znamená to, že momentálne už nemáme kožu na jeho výrobu. Niektoré produkty nie sú dostupné len momentálne a ich opätovné zaradenie do výroby závisí od dostupnosti danej kože u dodávateľa. Nie sme typický veľkoodberateľ, nemáme len jedného dodávateľa, preto sa podmienky odberu neustále menia. Neviem preto presne určiť, kedy bude daná koža opäť dostupná.

V prípade, že je takto označený produkt zo sekcie ´Limitované kusy´, tento výrobok už nebude dostupný ! Koža použitá na daný produkt bola špeciálna, nepatrí k štandartne dostupným kožiam a nebudeme ju mať už  k dispozícií.

5. Can I order a handbag in a different color or with different metal hardware?

Yes, you can. Due to the large amount of the models and leathers we use, we do not show all the different color variations on our e-shop. Changing the color according to your wish is not a problem though. If you are interested in purchasing a handbag in a different shade than we offer, let us know and we will send you a picture of our leather samples and / or metal hardware. The change of color of the item or its metal components is free of charge. When you pick a different color, please specify it in the order note when ordering.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The aforementioned adjustments personalize a handbag to the customer’s own style and preference. A personalized item cannot be returned and refunded, as it is not vendible to other customers.

6. When and how will I receive my order?

All orders from the Slovak Republic are sent by couriers. They usually deliver the package one day after expedition. Orders from abroad are sent by Slovak post and then passed on to the national postal service providers of the destination countries. Maximum expedition time is 45 days. Orders from abroad take a few more extra days / weeks to be delivered, depending on the country.

Occasionally, the item that you ordered might have already been created and displayed in our store. In that case,we will send it to you right away and you will receive it much sooner 

7. Can I pick up my order in person?

Yes, it is possible to come pick up your order to our store in Uhereckácesta 76 in MaléUherce, Slovakia, after prior agreement.

8. Can I come see the handbags in person or buy them in a brick-and-mortar store?

It is possible, but not in all cases. Our store does not hold all the models that you can see on our e-shop. The items from our e-shop are made to order, meaning that we do not have them finished in stock, but start making them once they are ordered. Our brick-and-mortar store only has a couple handbags and accessories for sale at a time, and sometimes holds limited edition handbags – ones that do not always appear in our e-shop. Our store and e-shop are two different marts with varying assortments.

9. Do I have to pay for the items when ordering?

We start working on the ordered items only after receiving a complete order. An unpaid order is not considered complete, so it is necessary to pay when ordering.