Frequently asked questions

    Is it possible to see or buy your handbags in person?

    Yes! We have two brick-and-mortar stores - please see the Contact page for more information.

    Nonetheless, not all the products you see on our e-shop can be found there. Products available in our stores are labeled with a "Readily available" tag, and have the location of the store listed in the description. Alternatively, to find out if your desired product can be found in one of our stores, you can call there, or send us an email to

    At the same time, our brick-and-mortar stores offer special products that are not featured on our e-shop, so they are definitely worth a visit!

    How long does delivery take?

    Delivery time depends on a number of factors.

    • If you order a product that is in stock, we will ship it to you within 3 days from receiving your payment.
    • If you order a product that is not in stock, we will custom-make it for you. That can take up to 2 months. The length varies depending on the time of year in which you order (e.g. winters are usually busier than summers), the difficulty of the production process, availability of the materials, etc. You can get more precise information about the production time of your desired items by contacting us via e-mail, phone, or in person. If you'd like to speed up the production process, you can make use of our Priority handling. For more information, see question n. 5.

    How will my order be shipped?

    All orders made from the Slovak and Czech republic are shipped by the DPD courier service and usually delivered one day after expedition.

    For international orders, we send packages either via Slovak post, or a courier service. Please note that the delivery time for international orders takes longer than for domestic, depending on the distance of your country from Slovakia and individual customs requirements of each nation.

    Can I pick up my order in person in one of your stores?

    Yes! You can pick up your orders in our store in Bratislava or Partizánske, free of charge. All you will need is your order's ID number.

    The precise locations of our stores can be found in the Contact section of this website.

    Is there any way to make sure I receive my order sooner?

    If your desired item isn't in stock and you are pressed for time, you can pay for Priority handling. In that case, we guarantee your order will be expedited within 7 business days since payment receipt.

    Priority handling does not apply to items made of currently unavailable materials. If we find that your Priority order cannot be fulfilled in time, we will contact you immediately and refund the amount you paid for Priority handling.

    There may be times when we are unable to process the Priority handling of orders, e.g. in times of holidays or full fulfillment of our production capacities. In those times, Priority handling will not be available for purchase.

    How will my order be packaged?

    Orders delivered by couriers are packed in cardboard boxes with our logo. Your items are safely placed inside, in a protective pouch.

    Orders picked up in-person also come with a protective pouch and a paper bag with our logo.

    Gift-wrapped orders are packaged in white boxes with our logo. The ordered items inside are wrapped with a satin bow and include a card with your personalized message.

    What is a Loyalty card and how can I get one?

    A Loyalty card is our way of saying 'thank you' to our most loyal customers. We appreciate people returning to our store, so we decided to reward them with a life-long percent discount.

    You can request to receive your loyalty card if you place an order exceeding €300. The card can then be used for purchases both in our e-shop and our stores.

    Do you offer Gift cards? How do they work?

    Yes, we do! Gift cards can be purchased on our e-shop in the "Gift card" section. They come in values from €50 to €500.

    You can choose to get your card in printed form or electronically. If you opt for the printed version, you will receive it in a luxurious envelope, along with instructions on how to redeem it.

    Once you have your Gift card, you can use it to buy any item(s) in our offer, up to the value which is listed on the card. Every Gift card is valid for 12 months and can be redeemed on our e-shop or in our stores, by using the unique code written on its back when ordering.

    Is it possible to order a handbag in a different color?

    Yes, it is possible in most cases.

    Given the variety of models and leathers we use, not all possible color combinations are shown on our e-shop. If you are interested in purchasing an item in a different color, it is necessary to discuss your requirements via e-mail, phone, or in person with us prior to ordering. Ordering an item in a different color does not come at an extra fee, provided that the leather you choose is of the same kind as the original one. In case it is not, you will be notified about the effect it will have on the price.

    After you discuss your desired color alteration with us, please state it in the order note when ordering.

    Unfortunately, color changes are not possible for limited-edition items, special edition items, or embroidered models.

    Would you custom-make a handbags from scratch for me?

    No, we do not do custom orders. Creating a new handbag model is extremely demanding; it needs to be designed, tested on a prototype, altered, then made again and again, until all its flaws are removed. This not only takes a lot of time, but also a lot of material, which simply is not worth it for one handbag.

    We have over 30 handbag models in countless colors and variations, all of which are original and designed with care. I am sure you will find something in our offer to suit your style and needs :).

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